Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistics has quickly become a demanding Job description, with thousands of Companies requiring someone to run their logistics and Supply Chain. Our Courses are developed to help you excel in this career, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to become great!

Skills Academy Offers the Following Supply Chain and Logistic Courses:


Supply Chain Management Courses

Short Course in Supply Chain Management

In order to qualify for this course, you will need to    have a Grade 10 certificate or have completed an equivalent level NQF certificate. This Course has 3 Subjects.

Supply Chain Management Advanced Certificate

Our Most Advance Course that will help you excel above in any other in your type of work. This Course has  8 Subjects that all cover different aspects of   Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Certificate

This Course will teach you all the fundamentals of becoming a successful Supply Chain Manager.      Covering all the fundamental aspects in helping you become great!

What is Supply Chain and Logistics Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the life force of any business. It involves coordinating and integrating the flows of product, information, and finances – both inside and outside the company. The Supply Chain Management concept can be traced back to the intense competition in textile industry worldwide in 1980’s. After analysing the supply chain aspect and developing quick response strategy, lead times dropped from 66 weeks to 40 weeks. Good Supply Chain Management is vital for a company to function efficiently, and qualified Supply Chain Managers are in high demand from businesses.

Therefore studying Supply Chain and Logistics can be extremely beneficial to someone who is interested in pursuing a career, in the field of logistics. Take your opportunity today!

Supply Chain and Logistics